Welcome to Simple Man Music!

Simple Man Music is Randy Williams.  The name derives from the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, Simple Man.  Not only do I like the song musically, but the lyrics speak to what I am and how I perform.  I have my guitar and my voice.  I play the guitar and I sing.  My song list runs the gamut from Classic Rock, to Americana, to New Grass, and more.  Always the songs are simple, straightforward expressions.  One of the advantages of being older is that I have been around to hear over 50 years of great music.  If you are present when I perform, you are sure to hear a song from your era.

I currently am acting as the Coordinator of Live Music for the Canal Market District farmers market in Newark.  Click on the above link for more information about playing at the market and a calendar of scheduled performers.

Please visit this site frequently as I build and expand the content.  I hope to be able to add photos and videos in the future.

Thanks for visiting.